winter damage to your windsheild

What can you do to protect your windshield from winter damage? This blog will show you what to do to protect your windshield and how to make necessary repairs.

3 Things to Understand about a Leaking Windshield

21 August 2020
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Your windshield is designed to protect you from the elements, and provide structural support that keeps you safe in the event of an accident. It should keep water and moisture out of your vehicle. If you have a leaky windshield, it is important for you to take action right away. 1. Old Age Causes Windshield Leaks Your windshield is designed to keep water out. However, there are a couple of reasons why water may leak into your vehicle around the front glass. Read More …

What To Do With A Cracked Windshield On A Road Trip

29 July 2019
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You are out in your car heading cross country when all of a sudden, something kicks up off of the road and strikes your windshield or the side of your car. You are now staring at large crack where there should be none. Uh oh. What do you do now? If you ever find yourself in this situation, don't panic. Even if you are out in what you think is the middle of nowhere, it may be possible to get your windshield or window fixed much more quickly than you would think. Read More …

Scratch In A Car’s Windshield? Get It Repaired ASAP Before Trading In That Vehicle

25 February 2019
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As we drive our cars, a variety of minor damage typically occurs that can affect their value in many ways. For example, a scratched windshield can actually decrease the value of a car when trying to trade it in at a dealer. Even worse, a scratch may become a crack that further affects the quality of a vehicle. As a result, you need to take proactive steps to protect yourself by getting repairs done as soon as a scratch appears. Read More …

4 Ways To Protect Your Vehicle’s Windshield During The Summer

5 July 2016
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During the summer, when the temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees, your windshield can really take a beating. Here are four things you can do to protect your windshield against the heat and wear that it will encounter this summer. #1 Wait Until The Sun Is Setting To Wash Your Car In the summer, you should avoid washing your vehicle out in the direct sunlight. You should also avoid washing your car when the windshield is really hot. Read More …

What Every Car Owner Should Know About Windshield Polishing And Repair

2 June 2016
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Over time, road debris and other hazards can cause wear on your car's windshield. The surface pitting and chips can eventually leave you with a hazy and pitted perspective on the road. If your windshield has seen better days, you may want to consider applying glass polish to help restore its smooth, flawless finish. You can work with a local auto glass repair shop to polish the windshield if you prefer, but the job isn't so difficult that you couldn't do it on your own. Read More …